Product Marketing Salary and Landscape Survey, 2024


Ready to redefine the future of product marketing? Every year, we release two dynamic reports: The Salary Survey Report and The State of Product Marketing Report. We know you love these data-backed studies, and we also understand that your time is valuable.

That’s why this year, we’re doing things a little differently… 

To save you time while providing you with invaluable insights, we’ve combined forces to deliver a single survey that fuses our annual Salary Survey Report and our State of Product Marketing Report

Two reports. One survey. Your expertise.

That’s right, this year we’re only gonna ask you one set of questions for both of these reports – one all-encompassing survey: Product Marketing Salary and Landscape Survey, 2024.

Imagine wielding the power to redefine the product marketing landscape with your insights. This streamlined survey isn't just a questionnaire; it's your opportunity to be the architect of change our profession needs.

What’s in it for you?

Of course, you’re wondering why you should take the time to take this survey. 

By filling out this survey, you’ll be contributing to some of the most extensive, influential product marketing reports out there.

We’ll produce several in-depth, data-backed reports throughout the year which will uncover:

💫The highlights and challenges of the product marketing role

🧠 The essential skills driving PMM success 

🔮 What benefits you should be receiving

💸 If you're being paid fairly compared to your peers

🤖 Recommended tools shaping the industry

And much, much more!

All of which will help you to make more informed decisions and thrive in your role as a product marketing master.

Your voice is the missing piece – add your perspective, share your invaluable insights, and shape our comprehensive Salary Survey and State of Product Marketing Reports. 👇