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February 2, 2024

In case you missed it…

Driving cross-functional improvement with win/loss analysis

Looking to gain a competitive edge? A robust win/loss program just might be the answer! Here are some win/loss insights that’ll drive real change across your organization:

Customer insights: The heart of a successful win/loss program lies in listening to what your customers have to say. It’s about getting the full picture, beyond your internal team’s perspective.

Sales collaboration: Partnering with your sales teams is crucial. It's not about monitoring them; it's about working together to understand customer needs better.

A holistic approach: A mature program is all about continuous improvement, leveraging insights across all departments, and evolving based on customer feedback.

Balancing insights: Striking the right balance between qualitative and quantitative insights is key. Using a combination of surveys and in-depth interviews helps gather a rich, well-rounded understanding of customer experiences.

Dive into each section in greater depth in the full article here. 👈

Launching on a shoestring budget: How to get your product off the ground 

Creating hype for new products with limited budgets is challenging but achievable. Follow these tips:

Get creative with assets:
Leverage free trials of tools like Canva, Synthesia, and Arcade to make professional graphics, videos, and demos on a budget.

Promote through organic reach:
Share launch announcements and testimonials on LinkedIn and your website. Engage target communities on Reddit and in groups.

Involve customers and partners:
Ask them to share and promote too. Create formal referral programs with rewards. Their word-of-mouth is powerful.

Set realistic goals:
Align metrics to revenue and adoption. Track website views, email clicks, and demo requests. Adapt based on data.

Don't forget internal buy-in:
Involve teams in planning and promote internally, too. This builds support.

Keep promoting post-launch:
Monitor impact on business. Continually promote to drive adoption and sales.

Get the full article here for even more budget-friendly tactics to maximize reach and engagement for your next product launch. 💡

Here’s  some more content in the community: 

🕺Community Events 🕺

This is what we have on next week:

🎥 PMMs at Startups: Approaching the Challenge | February 6, 9:00am PST 🇺🇸 PMA San Francisco Meetup - Dogpatch  | February 8, 5:00 pm PST
💪 PMM Powerhour (Virtual) | February 8,  5:00 pm GMT (Pro and Pro+ exclusive

Check out all community events here.

🚀 Community Highlights 🚀


It’s Christina, your community manager here. 👋

As we welcome in February, reflecting on the first month of the year has been great. In the space of a short 4 weeks…

PMA regional chapters have been going extremely well with meetups coming up in Bangalore, Amsterdam, San Diego, and Dublin.

Not to mention the range of amazing virtual events. This week PMA Book Club was joined by April Dunford who talked about her newest book, Sales Pitch. (Yes, we have a recording in the #book-club channel on Slack…). 

And of course, the hottest new community in town, PMM Consultancy meetups, and the longest-running meetup with PMA London, PMM Fix.

Want to see what else we have on? Check out all our community events here.

Until next time, PMA.

From: Christina, Stevie, and the rest of the PMA team